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The following section contains information about unlicensed material, which - while created and released by a proper business organization - is overall unofficial to the Dragon Ball series.

Piggy is a live-action adaption of Oolong in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. Unlike his anime counterpart, he is a human instead of a pig.


Though manly based on Oolong, Piggy has substantial differences to the said character: first, he is a chubby man, not a pig; second, Piggy is much braver than Oolong, as while he may not hesitate to flee from an enemy far stronger than himself, Piggy is more than willing to face the adversity if he has help from his friends, wich is evident by the way how he fight against King Horn's soldiers, Malilia and the tyrant himself (with little effect of course). Also, while Oolong's shapeshifting is a learned skill, Piggy's shapeshifting is an inherent ability. He claimed that he inherited this from Sun Wukong, wich makes him and Monkey Boy distant cousins (though, Piggy refers to each other as "brothers").



Piggy as a demon pig

Piggy is first seen in the form of a black demon pig chasing Jade through a field of weeds so he can make her his wife. Monkey Boy and Seetoe show up and Piggy changes his interest towards Seetoe instead. Monkey Boy easily beats up Piggy in a fight and Piggy begs for mercy but then tricks him and tries to escape as a bat. Monkey Boy chases him to a filed with stone walls where he reverts to his normal human form and gives up. Just after that Westwood and his bird Miss Knowwhat come and start shooting at them. Piggy watches as Monkey Boy and Westwood fight and even gets in a minor conflict with Miss Knowwhat. After Westwood was chased off by Seetoe because of his fear of women, Piggy is sitting at a camp fire telling them where to find the Turtle Man. When they get to the Turtle Man's house, Piggy transforms into Seetoe and Seduces the Turtle Man by showing bear breasts to him for his Dragon Pearl. Afterwards Malilia and Zebrata come to the island and blow it up taking the pearls. In the destroyed ruins of the island Monkey Boy and the others find out that Piggy had the last Dragon Pearl the entire time. When they head to Jade's Village, Piggy takes down several soldiers using gernades and a gun. While Westwood and Monkey Boy are fighting of Malilia, Piggy takes the final shot killing her with his gun. Piggy stands with the rest of the gang as they fight against King Horn. When King Horn is defeated and the dragon was summoned, Piggy had to have his mouth covered to prevent him from wishing for something selfish.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Shapeshifting – His most used ability. Piggy is capable of changing his appearance to anything that he wants to be; like a bat, an anthropomorphic, dark-skinned pig (the first form that he appears in), and several types of women (once even an almost exact copy of Seetoe, in order to make Turtle Man willing deliver his Dragon Pearl to them).
  • Instantaneous Movement – He used it once to teleport from a forest to the foot of a rocky mountain in order to escape from Monkey boy once he realizes that he stands no chance against the martial artist (without success).
  • Gun Fighter – While Piggy is only a moderately more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than average human, he is an extremely competent maskman, having faced the armed soldiers of King Horn and killed many of them with machine gun and a few grenades.


  • When fighting off soldiers in the Jade's Village, Piggy is dressed exactly like the fictional character John Rambo from First Blood.

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