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Pilaf's Tactics (ピラフの大作戦 Pirafu no Daisakusen, lit. "Pilaf's Great Strategy") is the tenth episode of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga and the seventy-seventh episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on September 2, 1987.



The Pilaf team prepare to put their plan into action

Goku flies his Flying Nimbus after Emperor Pilaf's car on the City Street to get the last Dragon Ball. Pilaf is heading to Fortuneteller Baba's Palace in hope of procuring the other Dragon Balls. He knows Goku's weakness, so he wants to cut off Goku's tail to weaken him.

Goku stops the car and recognizes his previous enemies. Pilaf challenges Goku to a battle, with his Dragon ball against all 6 in Goku's possession. Pilaf, Shu, and Mai get in their powersuits. The machines are unaffected by Goku's first attacks. The machines corner Goku and Shu burns his clothes off. To Pilaf's horror he finds Goku has no tail. Pilaf, Mai and Shu combine their powersuits into a titanic machine. Using a Kamehameha, Goku blasts the side of Mai's powersuit. Mai ditches her broken powersuit and rides Pilaf's and Shu's combined powersuits, as the trio flees. Shu fires a missile, but Goku throws it right back, destroying the powersuits. Pilaf gives Goku the One-Star Dragon Ball and Shu gives him his clothes (while covering his private area).


  • The car that the gang drives is a Mercedes Benz.
  • Goku's Turtle School uniform is destroyed in this episode and wear's Shu's outfit as his temporary outfit.


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