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Planet Nikochan

Planet Nikochan is the home planet to the Niko race. It is ruled by King Nikochan and his servant.


Planet Nikochan

King Nikochan mentions his planet in the video game Dragon Ball: Origins 2. It appears in Dr. Slump. From a certain point of view, it resembles the shape of King Nikochan himself.

While King Nikochan was away on Earth, a powerful creature named Komattachan came to the planet and took a liking to the radishes grown there. He demanded that the inhabitants give him one thousand radishes each month, punishing the villagers if they did not taste good enough or there were not enough radishes. When King Nikochan and his servant returned to the planet, they found everyone working in the fields to grow more radishes, as Komattachan was about to come to collect the vegetables that month. Upon arriving, King Nikochan attempted to defeat the monster, but failed, however, Arale (who had hitched a ride onboard the King's spaceship) managed to blow him away with the N'cha Cannon.