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LocationUniverse 7
Strongest Warrior Soba[1]
Inhabitants Yardrats

Planet Yardrat is the home planet of the Yardrats. Goku crash-lands on this planet after his fight with Frieza on Namek.


Yardrat is the planet the Ginyu Force were scheduled to invade before being relocated to Namek. After Goku could not start Frieza's spaceship, he finds the Ginyu Force's ships nearby and takes one of them. The coordinates for Yardrat were already programmed on the ship's computer, and thus it goes to this planet with Goku inside.

While on the planet, the Yardrats nurse Goku back to good health. Soon afterwards, he is taught the Instant Transmission technique by them. Goku stays on the planet for about a year before heading back to Earth.

Video games

In Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, when Goku arrives on Planet Yardrat, he saves a Yardrat from two of Frieza's soldiers, Banan and Sūi. The Yardrat then teaches Goku the Instant Transmission.

In Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, before leaving the planet, Goku battles against a powerful Yardrat warrior named Soba who is exclusive to the game.


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