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Homeworld Planet Plant
Average Height Roughly 3–4 feet
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

Plants are the indigenous population of Planet Plant. They appear in the 2011 manga Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.



The life of the Plants

The Plants are purple skinned, rather short, and ovular-headed. Their planet was eyed out by the Galactic Frieza Army founder, Chilled, who tried to attack it with his men in two waves of invasion for their mystical healing liquid, but it was declined by Bardock. Seeing that they inhabited Planet Plant in the past, instead of the Tuffles, the Plants may have moved elsewhere, gone extinct, or evolved into the Tuffles.

Notable PlantsEdit

Voice actorsEdit

  • Japanese voices: Tomoyo Sasaki, Yoshihiro Terui, Asuka Hirao


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