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Playing Pro-Wrestling is an attack used by Arale in combination with the Gatchans.


Arale runs at high speed

First, Arale runs at high speed and performs her Arale Kick. Then, she lunges upward at her airborne target, headbutting the foe in the torso. Finally, when the opponent lands to the ground, Arale says "The Gatchan are really strong too" and the Gatchans fire an Antenna Beam at the opponent.

In the Dragon Ball manga and anime, Arale performs the move to defeat General Blue without the Gatchans firing the beam at the end. The blows against General Blue were sufficient enough to send him flying from Penguin Village all the way to Egypt. The Gatchans uses their Antenna Beam in the movie Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, against General Tao.

Playing Pro-Wrestling is Arale's Ultimate Blast in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.