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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

The Possibility Cannon (ポシブルキャノン) is an energy wave attack used by Zarbon. It is Zarbon's most widely used attack in the whole series.



Base Form Zarbon fires a Possibility Cannon

The Possibility Cannon is a very versatile technique that can be fired from both one hand or two. It can be used as a regular full power energy wave or a giant energy sphere. Zarbon uses this attack in his Monster Form to counter an energy wave fired at him by Vegeta. He also uses it many more times in both his regular and monster form during his second encounter with Vegeta on Namek, each time it is either blocked by an energy blast or avoided completely.

Appearances in games

The technique was named Possibility Cannon in the Budokai series, where it is one of Zarbon's special attacks in both his normal form and monster form.


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