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Power Impact (パワーインパクト Pawā Inpakuto) is an energy sphere technique utilized by Jiren. It is Jiren's signature technique.


The user pulls their hand back, charging a red energy blast, and then pushes their hand forward, firing the attack. The user can also guide the attack wherever they choose. Once the blast hits and "grabs" the target, it will travel as far as its user wills it to be and then finally release a massive explosion.

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Jiren using this attack to defeat Kale.

Jiren first used this attack during the Tournament of Power to stop Kale's rampage. It was powerful enough to stop her in one blast.

Jiren then tried to attack Brianne de Chateau with this technique but Vegeta beat him to it.

In his bout with Goku, when Jiren defeats Super Saiyan Blue Goku he uses Power Impact in an attempt to knock Goku off the stage, however Goku manages to grab the edge of the stage and so avoids being eliminated. After blocking Ultra Instinct "Omen" Goku's final attack, Jiren defeats him by blasting him away with this technique but Hit's intervention distract Jiren long enough to prevent him from dealing the finishing blow to Goku.

Jiren later uses this against Hit to eliminate him after Jiren shattered the Cage of Time and knocked Hit back.

Video game appearances

The move appears as Jiren's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.