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Psidevilman (サイアックマン Saiakkuman) is a devil, and a high-ranking member of the Dark Empire.



Psidevilman was said to have the worst, most evil personality of any demon warrior. At some point he joined the Dark Empire.

Dark Demon Realm Saga

Main article: Dark Demon Realm Saga

Psidevilman GDM4

Psidevilman in combat

Psidevilman took part in the war between the Time Patrol (allied with the Dragon Ball Heroes team) and the Dark Demon Realm army.

Demon God Demigra Saga

Main article: Demon God Demigra Saga (Heroes) Psidevilman and the other Time Breakers are all present as Towa prepares to talk with them, when suddenly Mechikabura appears, causing them all to quickly bow to him.


Psidevilman was described as the most severe demon warrior, implying he was quite powerful.

Techniques and Special Abilities


  • Demon Fork – Psidevilman is shown wielding a Demon Fork in the trailer for the fourth God Mission.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Eiji Hanawa


  • His name is a pun on the Japanese word "Saiaku" (最悪) which means "worst".



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