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Psychic Attack (サイコアタック) is a simple telekinetic technique used by Chiaotzu. He directly attack his opponent with his psychokinesis.


Chiaotzu holds out his hands with palms out (sometimes in a Masenko-like position) and converts his psychic energy into an energy bubble in his hands. He then fires the sphere at the opponent, and it explodes on them, blasting them away.


Chiaotzu's Psychic Attack in Tree of Might

Chiaotzu uses this attack to defeat Guldo on King Kai's planet, sending the Ginyu Force member plummeting down to Hell.

Chiaotzu also uses the technique when he and the other Z Fighters attempt to destroy the Tree of Might in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might.

Appearances in games

Psychic Attack was named in the RPG Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan. It is called Telekinesis in the Raging Blast games, and Chōnōryoku (超能力) in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission.