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Putine (プティン, Putine) was one of the strongest wizards during the foundation of the Dark Demon Realm.


Putine has light blue skin with aqua colored hair. She wears a yellow and white garb. Upon becoming a Demon God her appearance changes so that she gains marks below her eyes and her outfit changes to a black dress with a yellow cape.


Putine was once a wizard in the Heavenly Realm. However Putine soon decided to join fellow wizard Demigra in his evil exploits. Alongside Demigra and Gravy, Putine fought against the Kai Chronoa, the up-and-coming Supreme Kai of Time.

Other Dragon Ball stories


Dark Empire Saga

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After Demon God Towa returns to Mechikabura with the Dark Dragon Ball, Mechikabura reveals that he has summoned multiple Demon Gods to locate the rest of the Dark Dragon Balls, one of which is Putine. She along with her comrade Gravy head to Age 767 to the events of the Cell Games in order to acquire the Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball from Cell. Putine stands aside while Gravy does most of the fighting but after Future Trunks and Vegeta fuse into Vegeks, Putine uses her magic to transform Cell into the monstrous Cell-X.

Demon God Putine arrives in Age 767 during the events of the Cell Games the battlefield and after seeing Gravy easily taken down by Super Saiyan 3 Goku. She uses her magic in order to forcefully transform Cell into Cell-X to the shock of the Time Patrol.



Demon God

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Putine as a Demon God

Like her boss Demigra and comrade Gravy, Putine later became a Demon God.

Video games


Putine card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Putine makes her debut in a video-game and as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the seventh mission of the God Mission series (GDM7).


  • Putine's name presumably comes from "poutine", a type of Canadian fast food dish.