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Quicker Than Lightning (カミナリよりも速く!! Kaminari yori mo Hayaku!!) is the fifth episode of the Piccolo Jr. Saga and the one hundred twenty-seventh episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on September 21, 1988.



Mr. Popo training Goku

Goku learns to stop wasting his motions with Mr. Popo. Simultaneously, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha continue to train at Kame House. Goku practices meditation with Mr. Popo while disturbed by a bee or by Mr. Popo throwing nuts at him. Mr. Popo then uses a stick very similar to the Power Pole and asks Goku to not move. Then, he needs to learn about seeing without seeing, so Mr. Popo blindfolds him and asks Goku to catch a cat which has a bell to its tail and to confuse Goku, Mr. Popo also shakes a small bell himself. Then, Goku asks for the training that Mr. Popo received under Kami. Kami and Mr. Popo send Goku on a special training mission, to fetch a crown on Mount Rumble. Goku gets directions from a girl named Chuu Lee and slowly makes his way to the top. Goku finds the crown and puts it on his head, but the crown sticks and becomes a target for lightning.


Chuu Lee and her mother

He tries to dodge it, but isn't quite fast enough and falls off the top of the mountain. The young girl who gave him directions finds Goku in the river. She and her mother revive him. Goku promises to help the little girl find her lost bird once he finishes his mission. The next morning, the girl finds her lost bird. She feels her bird chirping as opposed to hearing it. This makes Goku realize how he must acquire the crown: he must be faster than lightning by feeling the lightning. Goku tries again, and is quick enough to avoid the first bolt, but becomes overconfident and is hit by the next.


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