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Ultimate Gohan in Raging Soul

Raging Soul is a combo system in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.


Raging Soul Cell

Icon of Super Perfect Cell's utilization of the Raging Soul

When a player charges to Hi-Tension mode, they will be given a couple of seconds to press, depending on the console, RB (Xbox 360) or R1 (PS3). If they are fast enough, they will enter Raging Soul. In Raging Soul, the characters become faster and can perform combos that cannot be done when not in Raging Soul mode.

While in Raging Soul mode, Super or Ultimate Attacks cannot be used unless a special item is equipped. Raging Soul also gives incredible boost of strength and defense to the character. A purple aura surrounds the character, the sky turns a fair bit darker and more clouds gather. Other notable changes are the game's theme "Battle of Omega" playing during the length of Raging Soul; however, the player can change what music plays during the mode after getting the wish for it by Shenron and changing it in the options.

The timer of Raging Soul decreases over time, but will decrease faster if ki or charged Ki Blasts are sent at the opponent. Raging Soul also allows the player to dash infinitely without depleting the timer. The AI tends to use Raging Soul more often then Super Attacks. Higher AI will always use the combo against players.