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Ramen is a soup made from noodles and vegetables usually served in meat (occasionally fish).


  • After the 21 TB, Goku is shown eating Ramen.
  • In the Frieza Saga, Volume 21 ("Planet Namek, Cold and Dark") Roshi is seen with a Ramen when Bulma contacts him from Namek.
  • In "Unwelcome Discovery", Chiaotzu is making Ramen for Master Roshi, Turtle and Oolong to which Roshi likes, commenting that he should train here (In reality he says he wants him to cook here for him).
  • In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta makes Whis Instant Ramen, to which Whis likes it the most and blames Bulma for not showing it to him earlier.
  • On Beerus' planet, during Beerus' and Champa's food showdown, Beerus provides Champa and Vados ramen in their showdown, much to their liking.

Video game appearances

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