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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

Rebirth Kamehameha is a powerful variation of the Kamehameha used by Goku in his Super Saiyan God form. Baroto and Colohan can also use this technique in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Screenshot 37

Goku's Limit Break Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Super

First, Goku either lifts his hands joined together in the air, or joins his hands to his side. Then, he charges the attack with his hands drawn his side, like a regular Kamehameha. Finally, he fires the attack towards his opponent in the form of an orange-red energy wave.

In Dragon Ball Super, While fighting Beerus, Super Saiyan God Goku fires a Rebirth Kamehameha at the God of Destruction - however it's blue in color, and while features a lightning aura while it's being charged. He also uses the attack for two more times in order to struggle with Beerus' Cataclysmic Orb.

Appearances in games


Super Saiyan God Goku fires his Kamehameha in Zenkai Battle

The Rebirth Kamehameha is Super Saiyan God Goku's special attack in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. He can also use this Kamehameha technique in the arcade game Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (where it is called Limit Break Kamehameha), and it is also used by Super Saiyan Blue Goku in Dragon Ball Fusions.



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