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Red Potara Z-Items are items that can be used on characters in the Budokai Tenkaichi series of video games. They made their first debut in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Unlike ordinary Potara items in the game, this variation of the Potara cannot be bought or obtainable by normal methods. To obtain a character with these Z-Items, one must input the password for a Red Potara character correctly.

They can share same abilities as the other Potara Z-Items, but much more effective:

  • Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast attacks ignore increased and lowered defense to inflict damage.
  • Recovering health quickly.
  • Recovering ki quickly.
  • Surpassing limits.
  • Granting invulnerability.
  • Wearer is more effective in clashes.
  • Guard Crushing the opponent drains more ki.
  • Wearer losses less energy from Guard Crushes.
  • Blast 2 and Ultimate Blasts do 99999 points of damage.
  • Halving ki consumption.
  • Giving flight to characters that cannot fly.
  • Increasing the maximum health for all characters by 30,000.
  • Reducing all Blast 1 moves stock consumption by one.
  • Wearer gains Blast stocks faster.
  • Fast energy charging.
  • Greatly increasing all stats on any map.
  • Automatically use Afterimage while in MAX Power.
  • If a Blast 2 or Ultimate Blast is successfully avoided, the wearer will automatically avoid the rest of the attack(s).
  • Wearer gains two Vanishing attacks and two Dragon Smash attacks.
  • Greatly reducing the damage done by Kamehameha techniques to mere single digits.