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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

Reliable Friend is an energy barrage attack used by Pan.



Pan attacks Baby Vegeta

First, Pan punches her opponent up into the air and flies after them. Then, Giru appears in front of Pan and says "Giru to save Pan! Giru! Giru!" to which Pan replies with, "Thanks, Giru!" Next, Giru flies at the opponent and dodges all of their punches while Pan charges yellowish-orange energy spheres in both of her hands in fashion similar to her Maiden's Rage energy wave and says "Here goes!" Finally, when Giru flies away from the opponent, the opponent turns around at Pan, who blasts them with many reddish-orange energy spheres fired from her hands, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Pan uses the technique on Super Baby Vegeta after she became enraged by all the wrong things he had caused to her family and the people of Earth, however, Baby is completely undamaged by the attack.

Appearances in gamesEdit


Pan charges the energy spheres while Giru distracts the opponent

This attack was named in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, where it appears as Pan's ultimate attack.

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