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Directory: TechniquesDefensive techniquesEnergy wave

"Scatter Ki Blasts in an area while ascending. An Evasive skill used to escape."
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse in-game description

Rolling Bullet is an evasive ki blast technique used by Android 18, Raditz, Videl, and the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.


An evasive technique where the user spins around scattering ki blasts while ascending. It allows the user to put some distance between the user and their opponents while attacking at the same time.

Appearance in games

Rolling Bullet was named and first appeared as an Evasive Skill used by Android 18, Future Android 18, Raditz, and Videl. The Future Warrior can also obtain this evasive skill as a reward in Parallel Quest 27: "Artificial Warriors".[1]


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