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Ron Wasserman is an American television composer and heavy metal musician. He was one of the composers of the Saban dub for the first 53 Dragon Ball Z episodes, along with Shuki Levy. Like Levy, he has composed music for many TV shows, including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, X-Men and America's Next Top Model, often without receiving credit for his work. He also plays in a band called Fisher.

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Ron Wasserman

Work on the show

"I had already left the company [Saban], I think, and then they called [while] I was still doing work for them on and off and said, “We’ve got this ‘Dragonball Z.’ Do you want to do it? Just do it at home.” So I didn’t do the theme but I did the score and I made it the darkest, heaviest [thing], like drones and building sounds and the show exploded and again, I wasn’t credited, and again, I think Saban stopped doing it after a couple of years and it went to another production company. I tried to contact them and they said, “We’re changing the sound.” So I think they lightened up. I’m not sure, I never watched the stuff but it was that golden moment where music was super, super important."[1]


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