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"You haven't won. Your dark dreams will never come true. Somehow, someone will succeed where I failed. Until that day, live in fear. You will fall. We're only human, but we will survive. We will... survive."
Master Roshi's final words to King Piccolo before his death.

Roshi's Gambit (亀仙人の最後の魔封波!! Kame-sen'nin no Saigo no Mafuba!!) is the tenth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred eleventh episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on May 11, 1988.


A standoff

Roshi faces King Piccolo

The Dragon Radar at Kame House reveals that five Dragon Balls are gathered in one place and does not account for the other two. Oolong notes that all seven were gathered in one place until two suddenly disappeared off the radar. Bulma subsequently tries to contact Master Roshi, but is unable to get in touch with him.

Roshi reluctantly tells King Piccolo where his Dragon Balls are, while King Piccolo's two are ingested by him. Knowing full well that he is no match for King Piccolo, Roshi has no wish to fight and toys with King Piccolo, enduring the pain he receives from the latter. King Piccolo does not recall meeting Roshi, despite Roshi mentioning this several times. However, when Roshi mentions Master Mutaito, King Piccolo grows fearful and begins to realize Roshi's true intent.


King Piccolo with seven Dragon Balls

Roshi takes an Electric Rice Cooker out of a capsule and unleashes the Evil Containment Wave. King Piccolo attempts to resist, as Tien Shinhan watches the whole thing. Unfortunately, Roshi misses at the last second and dies. King Piccolo unites all seven balls and summons Shenron.


  • When King Piccolo pulls the Dragon Balls out of the ground, seven Dragon Balls appear and float behind him. However, in the following scene, only five Dragon Balls are seen floating in front of him, and King Piccolo regurgitates the two that he has been hiding in his throat.
  • This episode marks the first time Master Roshi dies in the series.


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