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Roshi Surprise (危うしランチさん, Ayaushi Ranchi-san; lit. "Watch Out, Lunch-san") is the fourth episode of the General Blue Saga and the forty-ninth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on February 4, 1987.



Roshi defeats Captain Dark

The Red Ribbon Army Blue Corps, Company B, led by Captain Dark, decide to attack Kame House. They descend upon Master Roshi. Roshi takes out most of them with ease. One soldier holds Launch at gunpoint, but Turtle comes in and rubs a leaf on her nose, allowing her to sneeze and change form. Launch then easily defeats the soldier, keeping Kame House safe.

Meanwhile, Krillin is driving the submarine, while they try to escape from General Blue. They find themselves in a cave when they come across a dead person's body dressed in pirate's clothing. This reminds them of the treasure that Master Roshi was talking about. They then follow a trail to the treasure.


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