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Rubalt (ルバルト Rubaruto) was a soldier warrior from Universe 10 and a member of Team Universe 10.


Rubalt is a muscular humanoid being with reddish skin.




Rubalt is a soldier who has survived the fierce fires of war.[1]

Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Rubalt was one of ten warriors chosen to represent Team Universe 10 in the Tournament of Power. When Kale was about to fire her Blaster Meteor in rage, Rubalt was seen standing in awe alongside Bollarator and Vikal.


Rubalt challenges Piccolo.

He was then briefly seen squaring off against Monna. Later with Obuni at his side as the final members of Universe 10, they attack Piccolo and Gohan, with Rubalt talking Piccolo and appearing to be significantly more powerful then the Namekian as Piccolo was barely able to keep up with him or mount any kind of attack. Having knocked Piccolo away Piccolo suddenly begins to fire wildly around Rubalt to which he begins to mock him. Piccolo laughs at him and tells him he only wanted to make things easier by cutting him off, and Rubalt notices he is surrounded by hundreds of Ki Blasts. Piccolo then attacks him with the Hellzone Grenade, totally obliterating Rubalt which allows Piccolo to casually walk up to his near lifeless body and easily blast him out of the ring.

Obuni Rabuto being erased

Rubalt and Obuni getting erased

When Universe 10 is totally eliminated from the tournament, Rubalt seems to more or less accept his fate, sitting dejectedly in the stands with the rest of his fellow doomed compatriots as they are all erased from existence along with their entire universe.


Rubalt was capable of knocking around Piccolo with relative ease but failed to inflict any serious damage to the Namekian. Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade was able to defeat him. Piccolo then knocked him out of the arena with an energy wave.

Techniques and special abilities

Voice actors



  • His name is a pun on cobalt.
  • Given his background, his fighting style is presumably based on real life CQC.



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