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Rygol 7 is a planet only mentioned by name in episode 23 of the Saban dub, when Vegeta explains to Goku how his squad had trouble defending against the advanced technology used by the planet's people to repel the Saiyans, until Goku's father developed the "fake moon" technique used to transform into a Great Ape in the absence of a lunar body. This line is removed entirely from the 2005 FUNimation dub and was not present in the original Japanese version at all.


  • Rigel 7 is the name of a planet in The Simpsons, in which the alien duo Kang and Kodos are from. It is pronounced exactly like "Rygol 7" in English, and it is possible that FUNimation (the script writers) deliberately used the name. The difference in spelling may have been done to avoid copyright lawsuits from the creators of The Simpsons.