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Chop Sui

Sui, who has similar features to a Hemadein

Sūi's race is a race of humanoid fish-like aliens, who worked in the Frieza Force.


They all seems to be lacking the presence of nose, making them look like skulls with fins on the top of their heads or sometimes on their cheeks.

The most prominent member of this race is Sūi who got defeated by Gohan after he blasted Nameless Namek's spaceship and destroyed it shortly after the Dragon Team landed on Planet Namek. He was sent to check wheather the Earthlings poses a threat by Zarbon's order along with Banan.



A member of the race attacking Plants

This race seems to be one of the oldest races to work for the Galactic Army, since Chilled has some members of it in his men who attacked the Plants and Planet Plant.


A member of the race charges at Bardock

Many of this race had been seen working under Frieza by the time of the events depicted on Bardock: The Father of Goku, and many of them died on the Destruction of Planet Vegeta by Frieza.

A yellow member of this race appears with the rest of the Frieza Army renmants outside Frieza's spaceship when Ginyu is running the Ginyu Force's new member tryouts. Just before taking off Ginyu ordered a group of soldiers (including this yellow member) to burry and hide the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Members of this race also appears as serving under Sorbet and later accompanying the newly revived Frieza as part of his 1000 soldiers Frieza Army to Earth where they're easily defeated by the Z Fighters.

In the Dragon Ball Super 4th manga chapter there is a member of this race who is a part of Guarana's Crew and is the first character to witness a Super Dragon Ball before being killed by Champa's finger beam.


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