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Sacred Water (果して!?超聖水のききめ Hatashite!? Chōseisui no Kikime, lit. "Really!? The Effect of the Super Holy Water") is the fifth episode of the Commander Red Saga and the sixty-second episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on May 13, 1987.



Goku not happy with Korin giving him only a single bean for lunch

The episode starts with Goku trying to obtain the Sacred Water from Korin, but to no avail. In the middle of the episode, Korin throws Goku's Four-Star Dragon Ball out of the Korin Tower, thinking it is garbage. An enraged Goku goes after it. He reaches the foot of the tower where Upa, unaware of his return, is doing his chores. Goku finds the Dragon Ball, picks it up, and climbs back up Korin Tower. Upa notices something going up the tower, and disregards the notion that it is Goku as it is too fast to be him. Goku reaches the top of the tower faster this time and reprimands Korin for throwing his Grandpa's Dragon Ball out. Little does Goku know that he has become stronger and faster than before that it took only 3 hours for him to make the whole trip down the tower and up again. This is confirmed by Korin, who is aware and impressed of Goku's quick return. Later, when Korin is heard asleep, Goku gets the opportunity to steal the Sacred Water from him but chooses not do so, as it would be unfair. He then falls asleep on the floor. Aware of this, Korin is impressed by Goku's honesty and remarks that he is way better than Master Roshi, who had previously succeeded in obtaining the Sacred Water from him.


Tao with the tailor, who just asked for money for his services

The next day, Goku resumes his attempts at obtaining the water from Korin and in three days, he succeeds after heeding Korin's advice to learn to anticipate his actions through his breathing. He then drinks it, but feels no different than before. Korin explains to Goku that it was not the water itself that made him stronger, but the effort he expended in attempting to get it. Climbing up and down the tower increased his strength and endurance, learning to anticipate his actions sharpened his mind, and being able to keep up with Korin improved his speed and agility. Goku finally understands why Korin had been so stubborn and, after a brief warm-up, proceeds down the tower to face Mercenary Tao. While he begins his descent, Korin predicts that Goku would do great things.

Meanwhile, Tao receives his clothes from the tailor. When the tailor requests his money, Tao proposes to kill somebody for free instead. Since the tailor does not want anybody dead, Tao kills him instead. He then throws a pillar, jumps on it, and makes his journey back to Goku, in order to finish him off.


  • Before killing the tailor, Tao offered him the chance to have someone killed by his hand in exchange for his services in the manga and original Japanese anime, while he simply tells the tailor that the latter has offered him only contempt in exchange for being given the privilege to serve him in the FUNimation dub.


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