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Planet Sadla (サダラ, Sadara) is the native planet of the Saiyans.


Universe 7

Planet Sadla was the Saiyan's original home planet, however, the planet is soon destroyed by internal conflict and discord caused by the Saiyans living there. The Saiyans that lived there moved to another planet and renamed it, Planet Vegeta.

Universe 6

Planet Sadla still exists in Universe 6 and Kyabe is a Saiyan from the existing planet.


  • Sadla is an anagram of the word "Salad".
  • Planet Sadla was first revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga under the name "Planet Salada" (惑星サラダ, Wakusei Sarada), but this was later changed to "Sadla" in the anime, as well as the collected volume of the manga.
  • When reporting that Saiyans are not originally from Planet Vegeta, the authors of the Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files wonder if the original planet of the Saiyans is still around and even call it Planet Saiya.[1]


  1. The mysterious "Planet Saiya": Planet Vegeta (formally Planet Plant) was originally the Tuffles' planet, and not the homeland of the Saiyans. The roots of the Saiya are unknown, and all that is recorded is that "the primitive Saiyans drifted to Planet Plant on mysterious spaceships." Perhaps the launching point of these spaceships could possibly itself be the Saiyans' true homeland. And just maybe the Saiyans' home world still exists somewhere in space!? - Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, 1997

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