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The Saiba Rangers, occasionally referred to as the Saibaman Rangers, are a group of special Saibaman created by Dr. Gero. They only appear in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.


While in conflict with the Z Fighters, Dr. Gero reveals his team of Saiba Rangers and sends them to fight the Z Fighters. Each of them are defeated by a different fighter.

Each Saiba Ranger have the appearance of a regular Saibaman but with their own distinct color: they are colored red, blue, green, yellow, and pink. Each Saiba Ranger shares the color with a Galactic Frieza Army type of Saibaman, likely making them a more powerful variant of each: the green ranger is identical to a regular Saibaman, the blue ranger has the appearance of a Caiwareman, and the red ranger has the same appearance as a Kyuukonman. The yellow ranger and the pink ranger have their own distinct characteristics which they do not share with any other type of Saibaman, though they respectively appear similar to Kyuukonmen and Tennenman in terms of color.


  • The Saiba Rangers are likely meant as a parody of Super Sentai and its American counterpart Power Rangers.
  • The HUD icons were reused for the different Saibaman in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas.

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