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"A top grade Saibaman born from multiple Saibamen who fused together."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Saibaking (サイバイキング, Saibaikingu) is a powerful Saibaman Fusion who appears as an antagonist and eventual ally in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Saibaiking resembles a large Saibaman with yellowish horns, and the darker green tone of the other Saibaimen covering most of his body, aside from the natural armor on his crotch also is colored red. He sports a red colored version of Piccolo's cape.


Unlike the other Saibaimen, Saibaking is capable of speaking the common language. He sees the other Saibaimen as his friends and initially appears as an enemy wishing revenge against Tekka and his friends for helping Yamcha in his own plan of revenge against the Saibaiman.


Saibaking is a top grade Saibaimen born from multiple Saibaimen fusing together. He's one of the fighters taken to the dimension where the tournament to decide the strongest through time and space was going to happen. In that world, he became a leader of other Saibaimen, which eventually led him to facing Yamcha, who had been hunting Saibaimen in revenge for his past loss. In spite of leading a large group of Saibaimen, Saibaking is defeated by Tekka and his friends. He survives but runs away, promising revenge.

Afterwards, when meeting Saibaking in battle again, Tekka and his friends can convince him to join them by impressing him through a defeat with a Zenkai Attack.


  • Flight – Saibaking is capable of flight.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Taunt - Saibaking mocks nearby opponents to enrage them.
  • Scatter Shot – Saibaking fires a Ki blast at his enemy. Before it hits, the attack scatters apart resulting in several small but powerful blasts.
  • Mouth Energy Wave – Saibaiking fires a yellow energy blast form his mouth.
  • Perfect Regeneration - An Special Move similar to the natural regeneration and healing factor of Namekians, but Saibaking only gains this ability after significantly leveling up.
  • Imperial Wraith - A skill that increases damage by 100% when Saibaking's HP is below 10%.

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