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Saibamen Attack! (ヤムチャ死す! おそるべしサイバイマン, Yamucha Shisu! Osoru Beshi Saibaiman) is the twenty-third episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on October 18, 1989. Its original American air date was February 8, 1997.



Nappa and Vegeta with the Saibamen

The Saibamen face off with Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan as they prepare to fight. Gohan is feeling rather intimidated by these powerful beings, but Krillin and Piccolo encourage him to keep them from psyching him out. Their encouragement works and Gohan returns his focus to the battle at hand. The Saibamen strike first, and Krillin and Piccolo go on the defensive while Gohan stands paralyzed with shock and awe, as they battle around him with lightning speed. One Saibaman catches Gohan off guard and knocks him away, and two more Saibamen attempt to get near him, but Piccolo comes to his defense and stops the them from harming Gohan.


Yamcha, moments before being killed by a Saibaman

In a brief break, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu appear and join the fight. The two ask why the Saibamen are there, and they are then acquainted with Gohan for the first time. Yamcha also arrives, enthusiastic to test his new abilities. Vegeta suggests that they hold a small contest with the Saibamen, since they are now six Z Fighters against six Saibamen. The Z Fighters accept, since this may buy them time for Goku to arrive.

Tien volunteers to fight first, and quickly dominates his opponent. The Saibaman, however, stands back up, only to be destroyed mercilessly from behind by Vegeta for apparently holding back, warning the remaining Saibamen to fight at their best. Krillin volunteers to go next, but Yamcha requests to go instead, on the basis that Krillin has already been wished back to life with the Dragon Balls and will be lost forever if anything happens to him. Yamcha battles a Saibaman and apparently defeats it with a Kamehameha. He then becomes cocky enough to challenge the remaining four Saibamen by himself, but the beaten Saibaman wakes up and catches him by surprise by latching onto him. The Saibamen then self-destructs while still holding Yamcha, killing the both of them instantly.

Grief-stricken and enraged over his friend's death, Krillin vows to take on the remaining Saibamen by himself in Yamcha's place.

Main events

  • The battle for Earth begins.
  • Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman.


  • Tien Shinhan vs. a Saibaman
  • Yamcha vs. a Saibaman


  • This episode marks the first time Yamcha dies in the series.


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