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Saiyan beyond God (神を超えたサイヤ人 Kami o koeta Saiya-jin, lit. "Saiyan who has surpassed a God"), also called God-like Saiyan,[1] is an empowered state of being undertaken by Saiyans who gain control of Super Saiyan God, and gain the ability to utilize god-like power without having to change their form.[1][3]


Concept and creation

This state was named by the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. In-game, some cards allow Goku to actually transform into the state. Also in-game, the appearance differs from their regular base form, showing sharper and more stern eyes.


When Saiyan beyond God is activated, the user does not suffer from any significant change in his appearance beyond the constant presence of the white aura while he fights.

Usage and power


Goku and Vegeta as beyond God

Goku was able to obtain this state by taking on and then dropping out of Super Saiyan God. He was able to access part of the power without a physical change.[4][5] Additionally if a "Saiyan beyond God" attempts to transform into a Super Saiyan while using this godly power, they will head straight to a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, either Super Saiyan Blue (accessed by mortal Saiyans who are not actual Deities) or Super Saiyan Rosé (accessed by Saiyans who are actual deities with natural Godly ki).[1] It is noted in the anime by Vegeta that to retain this state, the Saiyan must raise their energy while also controlling it so it does not leak out - it is noted by Goku that initially it is very demanding to keep all the energy inside, with Vegeta calling it intense, and thus, like the Super Saiyan Blue form, this state requires absolute ki control to maintain it.

Although clearly shown to exist within the Resurrection ‘F’ movie and manga, and also appearing in the Golden Frieza Saga of the anime, the form is replaced with the ordinary Super Saiyan God form in the manga version of Super and later in the anime's Universe Survival Saga as well. The statement of Goku absorbing the godly ki into his being is omitted in the manga, as is Goku fighting Beerus as a Super Saiyan proceeding that event. The Golden Frieza Saga's events were briefly mentioned at the start of the Universe 6 Saga, but it was not elaborated on how things played out.


Goku using the power of Super Saiyan God without transforming

In the Resurrection ‘F’ manga and its movie version, Goku's Saiyan beyond God state is shown to be able to access the powers of Super Saiyan God, in the anime version this is the same (however in the anime, the user does not possess godly ki). This power allowed Goku to fight against the trained Frieza's true form. In the movie, Goku clearly outmatched the tyrant. In the manga and anime version, Frieza's power was on par with Goku in this state.

Vegeta is said to have the power of Super Saiyan God,[6] as he is able to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, meaning that he has that godly power. Vegeta also possesses the Saiyan beyond God state, which he uses in the Resurrection ‘F’ manga and movie.

Video games

20150320 1e

Saiyan beyond God Goku card for Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Saiyan beyond God is introduced in the first mission of the God Mission series (GDM1). When Super Saiyan Blue Goku is selected in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, he will briefly appear using it in the beginning of the fight, and will return into it at the end of fight.


  • Although the Saiyans' power level in this state is obtained via the Super Saiyan God form, in the anime the ki of this state is not godly as it is shown in Dragon Ball Super that Goku's ki can still be felt by others in this state.
    • Similarly in Dragon Ball Fusions, Kid Goku could still feel Goku Black's ki while he was in the same state in Ziku-kan Quest: "Darkness Cometh" due to Goku Black having Goku's mortal Saiyan body.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Saiyan beyond God is referenced in a dialogue between Goku and Demigra. As Demigra tries to control Goku with Dark Magic and fails in the process, the latter says it is because he became a god like him. As their fight takes place after the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Goku retained the Super Saiyan God powers, thus being unable to be controlled by Demigra's Dark Magic. As a result, it is implied that Saiyan beyond God state (and by extension Super Saiyan God, users of God's crimson radiance, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) grants one immunity to being controlled by the Dark Magic used by both Demigra and Towa (as Towa never attempts to control Goku with Dark Magic in Xenoverse 2, presumably due to being aware of this limitation as a result of Demigra's failure to control Goku).



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