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This article is about Demon God. For Cooler's henchman, see Salza.

Salsa (サルサ Sarusa), alternatively known as Demon God Salsa (魔神サルサ Majin Sarusa) is a Demon God of the Dark Empire who serves Mechikabura.


Salsa is a demon with light pink skin and red hair. He wears a purple overall that that also covers his head and possibly horns. He wields a double edged sword as his primary weapon.


Dark Empire Saga

Main articles: Dark Empire Saga and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!

Advent of Mechikabura Saga
Salsa alongside Mechikabura.

Salsa with Mechikabura.

In the manga, Salsa first appears alongside his master Mechikabura at the Tree of Might to recover the Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball from Turles. After Turles eats a piece of the Fruit from the Tree he undergoes a Dark Evolution transformation and suddenly hurls a large rock toward Salsa and Mechikabura. Salsa intervenes by slicing the rock into pieces and quickly closes the gap between him and Turles, flipping around him and landing a kick to the back of Turles neck to no effect. Turles kicks Salsa back to Mechikabura and when Mechikabura defeats him, Salsa looks on in awe at the power that his master has just displayed.

In the game, when Mechikabura heads back in time to obtain the Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball that has merged with Turles, Salsa comes with him to aid in its collection. He appears in front of the Time Patrol and Beat goes in to attack him but he is easily beaten causing Vegeta to be the next to face him. He soons rejoins Mechikabura on his ship and faces off against Future Trunks in a sword duel when the Time Patrol rush them.

Super Namekian Saga

In the manga, Salsa reappears in the nick of time to save Towa from an attack from Demon God Buu. Towa asks Salsa why he has shown up to which he responds that he has no honour left after shaming Mechikabura previously.

Salsa says that his power as a Demon God has adapted to his body better than it had before and with his new found might, eradicates the bodies of Buu and Lord Slug with his Trick of Tornado attack which causes the Dark Dragon Balls to become loose and Dabura to return. Towa recovers the Dark Dragon Ball's and her brother and then teleports away.



In the manga, his kick does no damage to Turles in Runaway form and is quickly knocked away. Later, when his Demon God power has fully stabilized, Demon God Salsa becomes strong enough to destroy Xeno Buu with both Xeno Janemba and Demon God Dabura absorbed using his Trick of Tornado.


In the game opening Demon God Salsa easily defeats Beat and briefly fights with base Xeno Vegeta. In the PV trailer he briefly fights with base Xeno Trunks.


  • Trick of Tornado (トリックオブトルネード Torikku obu Torunēdo) - Salsa's Super Attack from Dragon Ball Heroes.


Demon God

Main article: Demon GodSalsa possesses the Demon God state, and has only ever appeared in this form.


  • Salsa (Demon God) vs. Turles (Out of Control)
  • Salsa (Demon God) vs. Dark Demon God Buu (Evil Demon Janemba absorbed) and Lord Slug (Great Namek, Dark Evolution)

List of characters killed by Salsa

  • Kid Buu - Salsa destroys Dark Demon God Buu with his Trick of Tornado.
  • Janemba - Salsa destroys Dark Demon God Buu with his Trick of Tornado, also destroying Janemba, whom Buu had absorbed.


  • Much like many of the other Demon Gods appearing in various Dragon Ball media, Salsa's name comes from a sauce, specifically salsa.

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