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"You've really outdone yourself this time boss."
— "The Heavens Tremble"

Salt (ゾルド, Zorudo) is a member of the Spice Boys.


Salt is a short, red humanoid Makyan with pointed ears and whiskers. He wears a Mongolian style cap and a yellow collar. He wears a battle jacket very similar to a Frieza Force soldier. His battle jacket is black with light green shoulder guards and the abdomen part of it is also green. He wears a shirt under it that is the same shade of green. Salt also has white gloves, wears light blue pants, and has white and brown boots.


Dragon Ball ZEdit

Garlic Jr. SagaEdit

Main article: Garlic Jr. Saga

DRAGONBALL Z 19-1151-2-1

Salt kicks Gohan

Salt and Mustard fight Gohan and Krillin atop Kami's Lookout. He fights against Gohan and almost wins. When Salt fires several Ki Blasts at the young Saiyan, Krillin jumps in the way and takes damage instead. Salt is then killed by Gohan's Masenko attack.


Salt's power level is 400,000 in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game.

Gohan was reluctant to fight Salt, who managed to badly beat him. He almost won until Gohan used his Masenko. Gohan, at this point, had his potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru and had been able to hold his own against Frieza's second form a year prior.

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit


Salt's Surprise Blasts hit Krillin

  • Flying Kicks – Used to step on Gohan's stomach.
  • Surprise Blast – A large pink energy wave fired from one hand with all fingers outstretched. He fires it at Gohan, but Krillin jumps in the way of the incoming blast to protect Gohan. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, where it is also called Spirit Shot.
  • Combined Energy Ball – First, Salt and Mustard charge their own energy spheres, then they combine them into one unique energy sphere and fire it at the opponent. They attempt this attack against Gohan during the battles on Kami's Lookout. It also appears in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes, named Salt Break (ソルトブレイク) for Salt and Mustard Break for Mustard.
  • Stomach Break – A Heavy Finish used on Gohan. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Energy Web – A red energy web used in combination with the other Spice Boys to trap opponents. Very similar to the Psycho Thread used by Bojack's henchmen.

Video game appearancesEdit

He is playable Dragon Ball Heroes, like the other Spice Boys.

Voice actorsEdit

Battles Edit




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