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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesPhysical techniques

Save Goku! (悟空さ助けてけろ!) is a rush attack used by Chi-Chi as a child.


Save Goku!4

Goku attacking General Blue again

First, Chi-Chi fires an energy beam from her helmet, which the opponent jumps over. Then, Goku suddenly appears from above and knocks the opponent down with his Power Pole. Chi-Chi takes the blade out of her helmet and throws it at the opponent, Goku stomps the opponent in the stomach, and then Chi-Chi's blade comes back like a boomerang and strikes the opponent once more. Chi-Chi finishes the attack by firing another energy beam from her helmet.

Save Goku! is Chi-Chi's Ultimate Blast in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


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