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Scramble for the Dragon Balls!

Scramble for the Dragon Balls!
English titleScramble for the Dragon Balls!
Z Ball
SagaNamek Saga
Edited episode number (position in saga)47 (21)
English airdateFebruary 7, 1998
Previous episodeBig Trouble for Bulma
Next episodeArrival of the Ginyu Force

Scramble for the Dragon Balls! is the twenty-first episode of the Namek Saga and the forty-seventh episode of the original Saban dub dub for the Dragon Ball Z series. If The Tree of Might three-parter is counted then this episode is fiftieth overall in the Saban dub.



Blueberry and Raspberrry, the episode's main antagonists

Bulma is captured by Blueberry and Raspberry, two of Frieza's henchmen, who force her to tell them where the Namekian Dragon Balls are. Bulma convinces Blueberry he should get the Dragon Balls for himself, and tricks them into thinking the crab eggs are Dragon Balls. As they fight the giant crab, Bulma returns to the surface. Blueberry and Raspberry also return to the surface, but the crab comes up and grabs them and pulls them below to their deaths. As they travel to see the eldest Namek, Krillin and Gohan fail to realize Vegeta is following them. Meanwhile, the Ginyu Force is approaching Namek on orders by Frieza.

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