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This article is about the Imeckian. For the Demon, see Shula.

Sheela (シーラ Shīra) is a female Imeckian commissioner, along with her partner, Gale, in Dragon Ball GT.


Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga


Sheela and Gale are caught by surprise

Sheela first appears in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga. Sheela is later seen along with Don Kee and Gale in the Shadow Dragon Saga giving energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Mamba, but her facial look is similar to South Kai.

Techniques and special abilties


Sheela and Gale's Combined Blast

Video game appearance

Gale & Sheela in Dragon Ball GT Transformation

Sheela & Gale in Dragon Ball GT Transformation

Sheela debuted in the GameBoy Advance video game Dragon Ball GT: Transformation as a first stage sub-boss alongside Gale.

Voice actors