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SupremeKaiShen and Kibito.
Core People
Homeworld Planet World Core
Average Height Similar to Humans
Diet Unknown, presumably omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

Core People (神人, Shin-jin; lit. "God People") are a race of beings from Planet World Core. The Core People are the true race all Kai and Supreme Kai come from before being given their respective role. Their planet holds roughly a population of 80 Core People at one time.



Four Shin-jins (The four Kais)

The Core People are born from magical fruits that grow off of the World Tree trees. The average Core possesses special abilities that far surpass that of any sort of un-trained normal being. Core People live leisurely lives, studying various things at a school-like castle. The Core People's lifespan is roughly 75,000 years, however those born from golden magical fruits can live for several millions of years.


Shin-jins in the Super Exciting Guide

Whenever one of the Kai on the Kai planets passes away, the Core People draw lots among themselves to choose who will take the Kai's place and become a new Kai. The Supreme Kais, however, are chosen only from among Core People born from a special golden fruit that is particularly rare.

Occasionally, there are Core People who are born evil. Those delinquent Core People are cast into the Demon Realm ruled by Demon Realm Supreme Kais, where they live with the Demon Realm Kings and are secluded from civilizations.[1]

Known Core People

Supreme Kai
Other Core People




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