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Shining Rage Attack is one of Vegeta's techniques that he uses in the video games Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World.



Vegeta slams into Super 17 in Infinite World

First, Vegeta raises his right fist into the air as he discharges a flaming blue aura around his body. Then, he sinks down and draws his right fist to his side, channeling the blue energy around his body into his fist. Finally, Vegeta charges at the opponent and strikes them with the blue energy-fueled punch. The longer this attack is charged, the more damage it inflicts.

In Burst Limit, Vegeta uses this attack in his 2nd Grade Super Saiyan form whereas in Infinite World, he uses it in his base GT form. It may have come from Super Saiyan Vegeta's final attack on Super 17.