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Shroom (シュルム Shurumu), alternatively known as Demon God Shroom (魔神シュルム Majin Shurumu) is a Demon God of the Dark Empire who serves Mechikabura. Shroom is the Dark Empire's god of death, and is thus a grim reaper.


Dark Empire Saga

Shroom is sent back in time to obtain the Five-Star Dark Dragon Ball that has merged with Janemba. Whilst in Hell he confronts the Time Breakers, Goku, Vegeta and Beat and seems to get the upper hand over them in battle. After Janemba gains more power from the Dark Dragon Ball he attacks and easily knocks him away.



Shroom is able to defeat Evil Demon Janemba in battle. He then goes on to overwhelm base Xeno Goku and base Xeno Vegeta and soon after matches Chamel in combat.


Shroom was shown to have confronted the Xeno versions of Goku and Vegeta as well as Beat in battle, all in their base state. While the Time Breakers are injured and tired from the battle, Shroom is shown to be unscathed. However against Janemba who had merged with the Dark Star Dragon Ball he was quickly defeated with a single kick.



  • Scythe - Shroom's demon god sceptre is a scythe, fitting his title of grim reaper.


Demon God

Main article: Demon God Shroom possesses the Demon God state, and has only ever appeared in this form.


  • Much like many of the other Demon Gods appearing in various Dragon Ball media, Shroom's name comes from a sauce, specifically mushroom sauce.

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