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Shula's sword is a golden sword wielded by Shula, the King of the Demon Realm, who makes his debut in the Dragon Ball filler episode "Goku Goes to Demon Land".



The wedged Shula's sword

After Shula opened a giant gate to the Demon World, he wedged his cursed sword in the earth by its door to keep it from closing, thus allowing his demons to torment the nearby kingdom during nightfall. After Goku rescued the kidnapped Princess Misa from Shula, he managed to pull out Shula's sword which could only be pulled out once Shula was defeated, and closed off the entrance to Demon World. Shula's Sword was then kept by King Kress as a trophy.



Meta Knight wields his Galaxia Sword

  • The sword is based on the Nanatsusaya no Tachi, the legendary Seven-Branched Sword currently housed in the Isonokami Shrine in Nara Prefecture, Japan. The Galaxia Sword used by Meta Knight in the Kirby series and the sword used by Kenshin Uesugi in the Samurai Warriors games are also based on the Nanatsusaya no Tachi.

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