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One of Slug's soldiers without his helmet

The Slug Soldier race is the race of several servants of Frieza and Lord Slug.


Frieza integrated many members of this race into his Galactic Frieza Army as some of his most common soldiers. They are all bald humanoids of different colors. Lord Slug has an army of them as part of his clan.

Many members of this race appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ during Frieza's revenge as they are among the 1000 soldiers accompanied Frieza.

Known members of the race

  • Dodoria's Elite member – A green skinned member appears as part of Dodoria's Elite.
  • Brown Frieza Soldier – A member of this race who fought Bardock alongside the teal Frieza Soldier.
  • Lord Slug's soldiers – Lord Slug's common soldiers are purple skinned members of the race.


The overall outfits of Slug's soldiers (white armor and black jumpsuit) closely resemble the outfit that Pui Pui wears.


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