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Solar Kamehameha
Taiyōkei Hakai Kamehameha
Alternate names Energy Suprise[1]
Hand Energy Blast[1]
Perfect Kamehameha[2]
Power Boost[1]
Solar Turtle Destruction Wave
Perfect Turtle Destruction Wave
Debut Manga: "The Tables Turn"
Anime: "The Horror Won't End"
Inventor Cell
Users Cell
Future Warrior[2]
Class Energy Wave
Color       &      
Similar Earth-Destroying Kamehameha
Super Kamehameha

"Forget the Earth, I can destroy the entire Solar System with my energy now!"
— Cell ("The Horror Won't End")

Solar Kamehameha (太陽系破壊かめはめ波) is an energy wave technique and Super Perfect Cell's final and most powerful attack.


First, Super Perfect Cell stores up a huge amount of energy as he prepares a Super Kamehameha. He then brings his hands forward and fires a blast that has enough power to wipe out an entire Solar System.


Cell firing the Solar Kamehameha

Super Perfect Cell uses this attack at the end of the Cell Games, against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Though Gohan counterattacks with the Father-Son Kamehameha, Super Perfect Cell overpowers Gohan several times during the Beam Struggle. However, as Super Perfect Cell is about to finish off Gohan, Vegeta distracts Super Perfect Cell with a huge ki blast. With Super Perfect Cell distracted, Gohan uses the brief window of time to unleash all of his power, overpowering and completely annihilating the evil Bio-Android.

Appearances in games


Cell performs his Solar Kamehameha in Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu

The attack appears in cutscenes in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. It was named "Solar Kamehameha" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it is Super Perfect Cell's Ultimate Blast; it is capable of inflicting major damage to the stage of play. With a few exceptions to which map is being played, whenever it hits, it completely changes the stage to Ruined Earth or Dying Namek. The attack also appears in Super Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team, the Raging Blast games, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, it is named Perfect Kamehameha and is Cell's Ultimate Skill. It can be learned by the Future Warrior by taking Cell on as a Master and completing Cell's training. If the Future Warrior technique is performed in battle while Cell is still their Master, then the attack will receive a Z-Assist boost.



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