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Sorbet's spaceship (ソルベの宇宙船 Sorube no Uchūsen), which later became Frieza's second spaceship, is a spacecraft used by the Frieza Force stand-in leader and former Staff Officer of the Third Stellar Region army, Sorbet, until he revives Frieza who re-takes control of the organization. It is shown in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'.



Sorbet's spaceship deploys a Space Pod

It is large enough to contain a two-man space pod (used later by Sorbet and his bodyguard Tagoma) within it, and later is seen used to be the scene of Frieza's body rejuvenation and re-taking control. In the movie and manga, after Tagoma suggests Frieza to forget about Goku and Future Trunks, the tyrant blasts him out of one of the ship's windows and causes a break that almost dragged some of the soldiers out, before Sorbet calls his soldiers to close it with a reserve window. Once Frieza is back in charge he's using this spaceship to take 1,000 henchmen with him to Earth for his revenge at the Dragon Team.

Frieza's second spaceship was destroyed after Whis turned back time to give Goku the chance to defeat Frieza before he'll blow up the Earth, after he fired a God Kamehameha wave at the battle-worn Frieza and killed him, Frieza's second spaceship can be seen falling into the depths of the sea from the massive energy eruption near-by. In the anime adaptation, the spaceship remained intact and taken by Jaco.

Dragon Ball SD


Sorbet's space ship on V-Jump promotional art

The ship is also seen in V-Jump promotional art for the upcoming movie, where first form Frieza is seen displeased as his father King Cold scolds Sorbet for not reviving him too. Meanwhile, Cell and Kid Buu stand disappointed behind Cold. On the next page where Frieza's complaining to Sorbet about the lack of space he's having due to the presence of 1,000 soldiers with him at once (Shisami makes a cameo), the ship is seen blown-up because of the many travelers within from an outside look, advancing slowly while Jaco's ship passes it.


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