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"Special Edition" (特別編, Tokubetsuhen) is the bonus chapter for Dragon Ball Super manga.


On Snake Way, King Kai and Grand Elder Moori are there with Porunga summoned. King Kai plans to revive his planet but bigger, with less gravity, and a race track. However, Goku hears that King Kai is on Snake Way resurrecting his planet and goes there. Goku tells Porunga to revive King Kai's planet exactly the way it was because ten times gravity is great for training. After his planet is wished back, King Kai is disappointed that this happened but Goku leaves to go back home because he says Chi-Chi would get mad at him if he's not doing farm work. Moori gathers the stoned Dragon Balls to take back to Namek.




Volume 1: Warriors from Universe 6!
God of Destruction's Premonition · Goku Defeated · The Rage of Beerus · Battle of Gods · Beerus and Champa · Tournament Preparation · Warriors from Universe 6 · The Battle Begins! · Goku vs. Botamo · Special Edition