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Spirit Stab (スピリッツバンカー Supirittsu Bankā) is variation of the Spirit Sword used by Vegito.


The user performs a quick thrust with their Spirit Sword that resembles an energy wave being fired though the energy does not dissipate like an normal energy wave, as the Spirit Sword can be controlled to become longer or shorter. The ki blade impales and stuns the opponent for as long as they are impaled which the user can use to their advantage to set the opponent up for additional attacks with his Spirit Sword. However the stab is less effective at immobilizing beings capable of Body Manipulation as shown by Super Buu. While the impalement would be devastating to a normal beings it is not as effective on those that can regenerate as they can take advantage of their regenerative abilities to heal damage caused by the impalement as shown by both Super Buu and Fused Zamasu.


Spirit Sword

Super Vegito using Spirit Stab for the first time against Super Buu

This technique was originally used by Vegito during his battle with Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) as part of his Spirit Sword technique. During the battle with Super Buu, Vegito catches Super Buu by impaling him through the stomach with Spirit Stab, but Super Buu manages to manipulate his body off of the sword and regenerate himself. Vegito uses the attack again to impale Super Buu through his mouth, but the Majin regenerates again.

Vegito Spirit Sword against Super Buu

Super Vegito's Spirit Sword pierces Super Buu's head using Spirit Stab

In Dragon Ball Super it was used by Vegito Blue during his battle with Fused Zamasu. After Vegito is knocked down and plays possum, drawing Fusion Zamasu towards him, the rogue Kai attempts to finish Vegito with his Fierce God Slicer. Vegito counters by using Spirit Stab to stab him straight through the chest with the Spirit Sword, before taunting Zamasu with the fact that he too has his own energy blade technique. Despite being semi-immortal and feeling considerable pain, Fusion Zamasu managed to break free from the impalement.

Video Game Appearances

"Perform a quick thrusting attack with a Ki sword! Be careful, because you can't guard!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Spirit Stab SSBlue Vegito Xenoverse 2

Super Saiyan Blue Vegito using Spirit Stab in Xenoverse 2

Spirit Stab was first named in Xenoverse 2 where it as one of Super Saiyan Blue Vegito's Super Skills as part of the Super Pack 4 DLC. After the 1.07.00 Update, the Future Warrior can obtain the Super Skill by purchasing it from the TP Medal for 200 TP Medals.[2]