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Starring Star

Starring Star (スターリングスター Sutāringu Sutā) is the second ending theme of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episode 13 to episode 25. The song is performed by KEYTALK.


The theme is performed by the Japanese band, KEYTALK. Its CD single is released in two versions in Japan on October 14, 2015, a regular edition and a limited edition.


Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

Chiisana sono ryoute ni kakaekirenai yume

koushite ima otona ni natte omoidashiteru

machijuu o tsutsumu kaze ni fuwari notte

(hajimaru sutoorii)

saa tabi ni deyou

sutaaringu sutaa

matataku ma ni hirogaru kiseki mitai na yoru

kono mune ni oboeteru taisetsu na nukumori mo

sutaaringu sutaa

mabayuku furisosogu sutaa kakiatsumetara

kitto ima yori chotto tsuyokunarerutte

omottan da

English Translation Lyrics (TV size)

The dreams that were too big to hold inside those small hands

Now I’ve grown up and remember them

I gently ride on the winds that envelop the streets

(The story begins)

So let’s go on a journey

Starring star

It’s a night like a miracle spreading out in the blink of an eye

And the precious warmth I remember in my heart

Starring star

If I gather up the stars that are pouring down with such radiance,

I’m sure I’ll be able to get a little bit stronger than I am now

That’s what I thought

Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)














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