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Strong Jersey is an attack used by Captain Ginyu in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. He uses a similar shoulder smash in Dragon Ball Z Arcade and the Butōden series, the Cross-Hit Surprise Tackle.

The Strong Jersey consists of Ginyu charging a purple/pink energy sphere around himself, and afterwards charging the opponent at blinding speed with his elbow, all while shouting "You're mine!". The attack inflicts a great amount of damage. It can also be charged to deal more by holding the buttons for a second, so Ginyu's fist will glow blue with an electric-like aura, as he generates more ki into the attack. Then he charges in the same manner as before, only inflicting more damage this time.

This attack's name is a reference to the Jersey cattle, a species of cattle known for being able to produce milk. It is again a reference to Ginyu's name, which is derived from "milk" in Japanese.

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