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Strongest Form 1 is a transformation attainable by a Saiyan who has been completely dominated by a Tuffle parasite. It appears to be the Tuffle-Saiyan hybrid's variant of Super Saiyan 2.


In this state, the Tuffle-Saiyan's hair retains the silver-white color they possessed in their previous Super Saiyan state, however the hair becomes much spikier.

Additionally the user gains an increase of muscle mass that rips apart their shirt, their eyes becoming blue-colored visors, red lines sprawling across their chest and forehead and the acquiring of large metallic shoulder pads.

Usage and power

Baby Vegeta attained this form during his battle with tail-less Goku; after Infected Gohan, Infected Trunks, Infected Goten, and Infected Bulla all used the Circle of Power technique to give their energy to him.

In this form Baby Vegeta is referred to as Super Baby, and Goku and Baby both state that in this form, Baby had achieved the greatest of Saiyan powers and was now the strongest in the universe. Baby smashes Goku into the ground with a single blow from this form, before gathering negative energy from every person on the planet and turning into Strongest Form 2.

Video game appearances

Baby Vegeta appears with this form in most of his video game appearances. Baby Trunks possesses this form in Dragon Ball Heroes.