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The Sun

Sun (太陽), also known as Sol, is the star at the center of the Solar System. It functions similarly as its real-life counterpart, providing heat and light to the beings of Earth.



The Sun as shown in Dr. Slump

In Dr. Slump and The Adventures of Tongpoo, the Sun is shown as a living being with a face, which is not carried over to its appearances in the Dragon Ball series.

The Sun has a minor role in several of the Dragon Ball movies: in Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Lucifer wants to get rid of the Sun so he can take over the Earth; Lord Slug blocks out the Sun with a cloud produced by a special machine in order for his henchmen to survive on Earth without their special equipment. Later in the movie, Goku uses the energy of the Sun to make a Spirit Bomb and crushes the machine and Slug along with it. Cooler (in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge), Broly (in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming), and Baby (in Dragon Ball GT) are all defeated by being blasted into the Sun by a Kamehameha technique.


Baby sent to the Sun

The Sun is frequently used to assist in the Solar Flare version used by Krillin and Cell.

Suns of the universe


Planet Vegeta's two suns

There are several other suns in the universe. Planet Namek has three suns, and Planet Vegeta has two suns. Coola No. 98 is also located in a solar system with two suns. There are several suns in the Sacred World of the Kais, but only one gigantic sun in the Other World. Beerus' temple has two suns; he destroyed both but time was in a temporal do-over by Whis, gaining the suns back. In Dragon Ball GT, there is a sun behind of the Deserted Starship which is 70x Earth's normal gravity.

Video game appearances

The Sun as represented in Dr. Slump is shown in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu, in the Penguin Village stage background in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and in Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan.

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