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"Take a big leap back to escape!"
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse in-game description

Super Back Jump is a common evasive jumping technique used in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


The user preforms a backwards somersault to avoid attacks or to put some distance between them and the opponent.


  • Android Kick - Mira uses a variation of the technique where he preforms a somersault (either forward or backward) then launches a dark energy enhanced kick at the opponent.
  • High Tension Turn - A variation where the user preforms a back jump then immediately attacks the opponent with a charging punch.
  • Super Front Jump - A variation where the user preforms a forward somersault to evade the opponent.
  • Turn Retreat - A variation where the user attacks by spinning like a top while moving backwards.

Appearances in games

Super Back Jump was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse as a common Evasive Skill used by several fighters. It also appears as one of the Future Warrior's default Evasive Skills. In Xenoverse 2, it returns as a common Evasive Skill used by several fighters. Additionally there is a similar Super Skill called Backflip which serves much the same purpose, however uses ki as opposed to stamina and can be used several times.


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