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Super Class Avatar[1] is an even enhanced state taken by avatar characters in Dragon Ball Heroes via Super Class-up.

It is superior to the original Class-up, but inferior to the God Class-up.


Turning into a Super Class avatar increases the abilities of the user. When used by a Saiyan avatar, for example, the Saiyan avatars gain the ability to become a Super Saiyan 3, and other avatars gain increases in power, for example; Before using the Super Class-up Froze was defeated by Haze Shenron, however, upon using Super Class-up he easily defeated the Shadow Dragon. In addition, new clothes and some differences in their appearances are provided for all the avatars (except the latter for the Saiyans).

In the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, avatars are able to take the state using special capsules. Yoshito-kun gives the capsules to the Dragon Ball Heroes before they enter the arcade game to battle the Shadow Dragons and free the kidnapped tournament contestants. Beat uses his capsule when facing the possessed Nimu. When Kabra becomes a Super Class avatar against Salaga, he displays increased defensive capabilities thanks to the armor gained. After being hit into the wall of the Big Gete Star by the attack of a transformed Haze Shenron, Froze uses the Super Class-upgrade and easily destroys the Shadow Dragon. Kagyu, Basaku, Nico, Note, Forte, and Genome also become Super Class avatars in the Dragon Ball Heroes spin-off manga.